The exclusivity and refinement of made in Italy in the world

Work & Work was born in the nineties from the idea of Carlo and Paolo Riello brothers to develop a company able to design and package sartorial artisan furnishings for homes, offices and the contract world. "Made to measure" furnishing solutions customized in finishes and details thanks to a wide range of variations and combinations, to offer the customers the possibility to create the most suitable product for their style.

From the headquarters in Cabiate, in the heart of Brianza, where the technical department and the artisan workshop is located, projects for national and international market take shape.

Innovation and technological development

The technical accuracy in craftsmanship and in the execution of furnishings runs hand in hand with the desire to innovate and be updated, respecting the changing times and the increasingly demanding requests from our customers. With a particular attention to new technologies and market demands, our team, composed of an internal technical studio and external designers, is able to design "turnkey" solutions and satisfy any request from customers, retailers and interior designers.

Quality and research in raw materials

The choice of the best materials for the manufacturing of furnishing solutions is certainly one of the main characteristics that distinguishes our work. Our products are made with the best essences of walnut, cherry, oak, rosewood, ebony and embellished with inserts in gold leaf, galuchat, steel, brass, liquid bronze and other cutting-edge materials.